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  • Annual Dinner 2015

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The Novaradok Approach

The letterhead of Derech Ayson Rabbinical Seminary, displays
prominently in Hebrew the notice “Perpetuating the name of Rabbi
Abraham Jofen, of Blessed Memory.”

Rabbi Jofen was the head of the Novaradok Mussar Movement,
which comprised 84 schools and over four thousand students ¡n Pre-war
Poland. After escaping the fangs of the Germans, Rabbi Jofen
established a fine rabbinical seminary in Brooklyn, New York.
Nevertheless, he was unable to replicate in the American milieu the
unique philosophy and elan that epitomized the Novaradok movement in
Pre-Holocaust Europe. It was only in 1961 when he met and began to
mentor his grandson-in-law, Rabbi Yechiel Perr, that he found the person
who was able to translate the subtleties of Novaradok philosophy to the
benefit of American-born students. In a smicha ordination that he granted
to Rabbi Perr, Rabbi Jofen refers to him as “my grandson,”, and writes,
“among his qualities is his ability to capture the youth for us.” (Emphasis

In addition, Rabbi Perr became the son-in-law of Rabbi Yehuda Leib
Nekritz, himself the son-in-law of Rabbi Abraham Jofen. Rabbi Nekritz
was the historian of the Novaradok Movement and published several
Monographs on the subject. In his time he was considered the repository
of Novaradok mussar.

For twenty-three years, Rabbi Perr was continually mentored by
Rabbi Nekritz. During this time he too became a transmitter of
information on Novaradok thought to others. (He is cited in Encyclopedia
Judaica Year Book as well as other places.)

Today, Derech Ayson has a burgeoning student population. It is the
only Yeshiva where Madreigas Ho’odom, the source book of Novaradok
Mussar is studied and disseminated on audiotapes. It is committed to
renewing general interest in that unique Novaradok worldview, which was
extinguished by the Germans half a century ago.